New Leadership

Since I founded the The Lean Startup Circle in 2009 it’s become quite large.  The mailing list is now over 5500 members and there are meetups in 54 cities across 21 countries.  It continues to grow every day in spite of my lack of attention due to my focus on other projects.  Thankfully, long time Lean Startup Circle member Tristan Kromer has agreed to take over as the new leader of the Lean Startup Circle in order to give it the attention that it deserves.

Tristan will direct the day to day operation of the Google Group, San Francisco meetup, LinkedIn Group, Twitter (@leancircle) and other LSC related operations.  I will continue to be involved on the advisory board, along with Tristan and Hiten Shah.  The board will focus on the vision for the group.  Edith Harbaugh will continue to moderate the Google Group.

The local meetups will continue to operate independently; although we plan to encourage and participate in greater cooperation among them.

Thanks to everyone that have kept the group strong over the years and please welcome Tristan and Hiten as new leaders of the group.


 New Leadership

Rich Collins

Rich Collins is the founder of the Lean Startup Circle and an iOS developer.

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