5 Ways To Stop Being a Wantrepreneur

wantrepreneur 5 Ways To Stop Being a WantrepreneurAlmost everyone has an idea for the best product ever. All they need to do is build it and the users will come. I was guilty of that too.

Over time I learned that an idea alone isn’t enough and how important customer discovery is in building a business.

Do you find yourself having brilliant ideas? Do you talk about your new business more than building it? 6 months later and still no product? Stop being a wantrepreneur. Here are some ways to fix that:

1) Stop being afraid to talk to customers

Why spend 2 months building an MVP only to find out nobody wanted it? Talk to customers early. Talk to customers often.

With these early conversations you may find out you’re not solving a problem at all for these customers. That can save you a lot of wasted development time.

2) Stop taking so long to ship

Perfecting your product takes a long time. Don’t be afraid to ship it. MVPs are supposed to be real minimal. It’s okay if it’s ugly.

Get feedback as quick as possible so you can iterate. Any more time you delay shipping the product means the longer you have to wait to do some validated learning.

3) Stop waiting for a technical partner

Recently I met a few founders who have been in the planning stages of their business for a year. Even without a technical partner they could have made forward progress. By talking to customers. By putting together some mocks. By paying a freelance developer to build a prototype to start testing.

Don’t wait around.

4) Stop pitching the idea

When you tell someone about your idea don’t talk about all the features it will have. Pitch them the problem. Focus on the customer not the product. Have a real conversation. Find a problem the customer can relate to. Speak to their emotional needs.

5) Stop being afraid to experiment

It’s near impossible to know what will work. Start-ups are all about experimenting to find that out. So you’ve heard of customer development, read the Lean Startup book and saw the case studies. Why aren’t you taking any action?

Most high converting marketing pages optimized with A/B tests. Why have you still not experimented with different copy? The worst thing you will find out is that it didn’t work. And that’s the core of the lean start-up approach.

What actions will you take to stop being a wantrepreneur?

 5 Ways To Stop Being a Wantrepreneur


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